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Pretty darn cute little one….

Yep, the moment this one walked through the front door of my home studio, I thought to myself, “Wow…..this is a pretty darn cute little one!” My job will be easy, especially with the adorable cheeks and lips Miss A has!

Take a peek at a favorite from our session!

Niki Manning Photography, Boise Newborn Photographer

March 26, 2014 - 6:35 pm

Lauren - Thanks again for doing such a great job! We love how the pics turned out!

Meet Miss Talia~Boise Newborn Photography

Meet Miss Talia…..just a cute little girl that recently came to visit me! The little pant set that she is in came a whopping 15 minutes before her session started and matched one of my set-ups perfectly! Had to use them! Just had to share a quick favorite of mine from that session!



What is there to do in Boise? Best Friend Adventures!

A week in Boise exploring……that was the plan for me and  my best friend, Jenny,  visiting me from Omaha, Nebraska. The question  I was losing sleep over was “What is there to do in Boise?” I just moved here with my family last fall when my husband transferred jobs within his company. Having lived in Nebraska all of my life, I was under the gun to find stuff to do with my bestie while she was here! Well….I knew that no matter what we did, it would be fun! So we just went exploring!

She arrived first thing on Monday….right at lunch time. We grabbed a bite to eat at one of my family’s favorite pizza places downtown…..10 Barrel Brewing. (Check them out by clicking HERE!) We drove around a little bit, but then ventured back out to Star, Idaho where our house is. It is about 20 minutes from downtown Boise, so fairly convenient!

Tuesday my husband, Scott, was home and the kids were still in school, so we all decided to venture up to Bogus Basin Ski Resort which is about an hour’s drive from our home and hit the ski hill! We headed up right after the kids left for school!  It is a gorgeous drive on a switchback road and has provided our entire family with countless hours of fun! I highly recommend it if visiting Boise during the winter months! We had sooooo much fun that day. Jenny hadn’t been skiing in a few years, but it came right back to her and we both took a few spills, but nothing too terribly bad. My husband was in the right place at the right time to catch one of Jenny’s spills and I am the second skier in the video, who looks like I didn’t give a crap about my friend just wiping out as I skied right on by her! LOL. Sorry, Jen!


Click on this link to see~



Here are just a few camera phone shots!

Boise Newborn Photographer

Niki Manning Photography

Niki Manning Photography

Niki Manning Photography


Wednesday was going to be interesting. We decided to head up to a locally known, natural hot spring to soak our sore muscles from the prior day’s skiing mishaps.  We ventured up to Mile Marker 4 Hot Springs (can also be known as SkinnyDippers Hot Springs…….yikes…..we brought our swimsuits though!) which is located right next to the Payette River as you head towards Banks, Idaho. We read up on it so we knew what to expect and we were somewhat clueless when we arrived there as to WHAT KIND of hiking it truly was. There is a slight path and occasional rocks that have been marked with white arrows as to what direction to head next, however this “trail” is on the side of a hill with quite a vertical climb to it. Once you get to the top, there is a defined and obvious path to follow, but getting there is what takes a bit. Be patient because the hot springs, the view and the soak is so worth the wait! I wish I could have taken more photos of the hot springs, but lots of people ended up coming and I just didn’t feel comfortable taking photos with them in it knowing I was going to post it here.:D





Here are a few photos from our adventures! The remaining days we headed up to Table Rock which overlooks Boise and the Treasure Valley as well as visited Lucky Peak State Park. We had so much fun together and the best part was just spending time with Jenny! My family and friends mean the world to me and now that I am 1230 miles away from them all…..the time spent together is even more special!:D

What is there to do in Boise?

Niki Manning Photography

What is there to do in Boise?

Niki Manning Photography


 Can’t wait for our next adventure!


Meet Baby Carter Boise Newborn Photographer

Meet Baby Carter…..possibly the sweetest little guy ever. He made his parents wait a couple extra weeks to see him, but I definitely think he was worth the wait! How CUTE is he, huh!?


Meet Baby Carter Boise Newborn Photographer
Meet Baby Carter Boise Newborn Photographer
Meet Baby Carter Boise Newborn Photographer


March 20, 2014 - 4:43 am

Dannielle - Such a sweet session. These are perfect! I absolutely LOVE the one of his little hand clasped!

Establishing Google Authorship ~ Boise Newborn Photographer

I am sure many of you are as overwhelmed and confused as I was when I was trying to figure out establishing Google AUTHORSHIP on my website. I decided to tackle it head first and even though I hit a few bumps in the road, I was able to figure it out in a short amount of time. (ok… hour….but considering I was figuring it might take FOREVER to figure out….I consider an HOUR a short amount of time!) Let me tell you a little bit about what I know about websites and all the lingo. I have had a website for quite some time and am completely self taught in being able to trouble shoot a FEW things, however often times I have to seek outside help and when they start talking…….it sounds like the teacher from The Peanuts. It’s complete mumbo-jumbo and I usually quickly grab my pen and start taking notes because I just don’t know specific things about HTML, servers, hosting (figuring that out slowly), FTP…..well….you get the point. So if you are right there with me… CAN do this. I did and it wasn’t that hard.


Establishing Google Authorship Boise Newborn Photographer

I will be putting things into a simplified, step-by-step order of things to do.

#1. I assume you have a website that you are wanting to establish AUTHORSHIP for. Google Authorship basically gives YOU, the author, credit for any blog posting or website posts that you contribute to. It also can have a direct impact on SEO and I recommend reading up on all the benefits of having it. That is what I have been doing for the past day and it looks like it will prove to be very beneficial. Oh….and you get your photo next to your article that show up in searches…..making you look EXTRA COOL.:D

#2. I assume you have a Google Plus site already started and possibly a Google Plus PAGE started. (If you don’t have these created, they are very easy to create, so do that and come back!)

#3. Once you have your G+ account, you will need to go to the ABOUT section of you PROFILE and locate the LINK section. In the “Contributor To” area, add your custom link. Then click “Current Contributor” and SAVE. While you are in the LINK section you can also add your website below the “Contributor To” section in the specific “Links” section. Here is where I updated and added my  business photography website, my Instagram, my Pinterest and my business Facebook page. You don’t have to add all of them, but I recommend at least adding your website URL.

#4. You will need to do email verification and make sure your emails have been VERIFIED. These emails are going to be located in your PROFILE and in your ABOUT page and edit/add your email in your CONTACT section. If you aready have your email there, it should show a check mark next to it if it has been verified.

#5. On your Google Plus Page (your business page….like mine shown HERE—–> Niki Manning Photography G+ BIZ PAGE, you will need to make sure you have your website address listed in your CONTACT section. While you are there, make sure everything is up to date and includes your phone number and an email address. I initially thought maybe I should change my email address to my GMAIL account, however I found it doesn’t matter and actually better if you have an email that contains your website. (ex:

#6. Go to this link with Google and verify the email address used. ——–>  You will get an email sent to your inbox that you will need to click on to VERIFY. Do this and slowly, but surely you are making progress. I promise! All these things need to happen in order to make it all work in the end. (for this step I also used the email address

#7. Ok…..normally here is where things get complicated with adding codes to header pages and such, however I found a great PLUG IN for your WORDPRESS blog. This PLUG IN allows you to skip the copy, paste/insert crazy code in your header. In your DASHBOARD ON YOUR WORDPRESS, click on PLUGINS and then on ADD NEW. In the SEARCH, enter GOOGLE AUTHOR LINK and hit enter….it should come right up and has 4.5 STARS. Click INSTALL and then ACTIVATE. After installing, you will then go to your menu on the left and go all the way down to SETTINGS. If you hover on that, you will see a menu pop up that contains “Google Author Link”. That is where it is if you need to access it. Click on it and it will open up the plug in. Under this page, you will see a few options and I will walk you through these. First off I did EDIT how my name appeared as the author of the home page by clicking in the top right hand corner of the page where it says “Howdy, Niki Manning” on my ADMIN page. I then clicked on EDIT MY PROFILE. In this page , you cannot edit your USERNAME, however you can add your full name and add a NICKNAME and I did this by simply adding “Niki Manning” and then in the drop down ‘DISPLAY NAME PUBLICLY AS’ menu I also clicked so that “Niki Manning” was chosen. (obviously insert your own names here that you want to appear as author.)  In the contact info, I also added my Niki@NikiManningPhotography email address, my website address, my ABOUT Google + profile (personal page ABOUT) and then updated my TWITTER and my Google + (I inserted my business page here.) Make sure after you complete ALL of this information that you UPDATE PROFILE by clicking on the little blue button at the bottom of the page.

Now that you have updated your PROFILE, go back to the Google Author Link Plug in. Finish up this page by filling in your Google Publisher Profile. I added my Google Plus PERSONAL page URL here. Click SAVE SETTINGS at the bottom of the page.

#8. Now that all of that is done, you will need to go and test everything out to see if it is in proper working order. You will need to click this GOOGLE WEBMASTERS link —> ( . Once here you should be able to enter your website address and it should show that everything is working. It will also give you a preview of the photo that is shown by your blog postings as well as you should have your results from your Google Authorship Testing Results….it will be GREEN if all looks good. It took me a couple of tries to get the GREEN LIGHT, but it was a matter of having to tweak a few things, which I included directions for above, so hopefully you won’t hit any bumps in the road.


**I am giving you MY step by step and what worked when I set up my AUTHORSHIP, and am hoping it works for everybody, however I am not guaranteeing it. Please go through each step carefully and make sure you save your updates on each page and that you have verified your email addresses on your pages. Best of luck! I would love to hear from those that this worked for….feel free to leave a comment below!

***I use a Pro Photo web site that has WordPress installed.

****Another way to establish Google Authorship is by using YOAST plugin.




March 11, 2014 - 7:59 pm

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March 16, 2014 - 7:28 pm

plusonesfollowers - plusonesfollowers I have tried the plugin way but couldn’t get the post to show up. Maybe that’s because I coulndn’t find the loop.php file.

I have tried the plugin way but couldn’t get the post to show up. Maybe that’s because I coulndn’t find the loop.php file.

March 16, 2014 - 9:46 pm

reverbnation plays promotion - reverbnation plays promotion Comments have been disabled for this post

It worked for me its nice plugin