Welcome to a new DECADE

Just this past weekend a bunch of friends celebrated the turning of a NEW DECADE for one of my good friends, Kinsey. I could’t think of a better opportunity to type up a blog post about this girl’s family session. What does entering a new decade mean exactly? Sooooo many things. I remember being nervous to turn 30. I remember being in disbelief. I remember having 2 little kids and doing the ‘mom’ thing with toddlers in tow. Our lives were crazy, but they were a GOOD crazy. I’m NOT SURE those would have been my exact thoughts on it BACK THEN, but now……..now I reflect on when my kids weren’t anti-social teenagers and they wanted to tell me everything and show me everything (sometimes TEN TIMES)  and my heart would swell. The next moment I was probably screaming at them, but they have grown into beautiful people. To see what they accomplish, how your family dynamics change and how handsome and beautiful they become is an amazing feeling. Every moment (whether it be a week, a month, year or decade) brings beautiful moments. These moments are fleeting, but as a 40 something mom now, I love every one of them. I love that I can remember how stinky my son’s hair was  (literally….I can remember the exact smell if I think about it!) when he woke up because he sweat every single night in anything more than a diaper. I remember my daughter’s first cry after she was born…..like it was yesterday. I remember her sweet mullet that she rocked for a few months after she was born until she could wear pigtails when she was 4 months old…..yes….cutest mullet I ever saw. The toddler years brought Batman into our lives….and the Justice League and when Luca was a toddler, she pretty much changed clothes about 8 times a day into different dresses that she loved. I remember the little, sweet things and you sometimes forget the chaos. I would assume I hated the massive amounts of laundry this produced for me…..but little details like that so easily forgotten now.

Kinsey rocked her birthday this past weekend and she was surrounded by so many people who love her fiercely! So….without getting overly sappy now that I have reminisced about my stinky, mullet-rocking kid memories…..new decades mean new memories, new friends, more love, laughter and lots more adventures. Kinsey…..you rock this ‘MOM’ thing and you will continue to rock it way past your 30’s!! Happy birthday, beautiful!


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