A Nebraska Halloween!

My blog has been quite lonely lately, but I have picked up my camera a little more lately after not taking clients for over a year. I will admit…..it feels good. It feels good to take photos of things that I love and this post is of my nieces and nephew Halloween experience. I love that I was able to share it with them and capture the cuteness. I love the closeness of our family, my sisters and how wonderful these kids are. They are being raised to be such thoughtful, nice, and loving human beings. That is what the world needs right now. I won’t turn this into an ugly political post as you can just open Facebook  to witness the ugliness, the hate, and the separation occurring. I won’t take part in it. Instead I will choose to keep raising my kids to be nice people, to have kind words, to be strong in their opinions, but to have understanding and integrity and the ability to have conversations with those who disagree. I already know where my oldest son (he’s 18)  stands politically because we TALK and while we don’t agree on every topic that we discuss, we talk and share thoughts and we are closer because of this. So here are my suggestions to you……stop sharing the HATE, the mean-ness, the ugliness that you are SO AGAINST. Do something that makes you proud…..volunteer for something you feel strongly for, continue to show your children love at home and how to treat others with respect no matter,  show them what it means to have compassion and integrity, teach them how to have conversations and communicate with others in a respectful way, and most of all be the example that you want them to see.

Ok…..so….the above might have some political undertones…..but you get my point. I am thrilled to show off my nieces and nephew and think this younger generation will see some great things in our nation and in their futures! But for right now, I give you Hermione (Scarlet), Miss Nerd (Elliot) and a “not very scary Werewolf” (Charlie).




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